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Customer Gallery

Rug Hooking Group

Hooked by Jane Akins/Connecticut

Rug Hooking Group

Hometown hooked by Marlene Wright and a few people in her rug hooking group located in Kentucky. They're all so different and look fantastic

Hooked by Mike LaRaus for his grandson

ooked by Mike LaRaus for his grandson"

Hooked by Beverly Matthews from Ohio with current color variations
in the kit. Beverly has also purchased some of my felted animals
that decorate the table below the rug.

On The Farm and Beyond, hooked by Kim Kelly.
Kim purchased the kit but made color changes to her liking,
adding wool from the kit, wool of her own and yarn - looks wonderful!

Hooked by Debbie Decker - her own creation with wools
purchased from me - I love it!

Blue Saltbox hooked by Susanne Robinson

Designed and hooked by John Rexrode, based on a 1967 black-and-white snapshot of a childhood friend who died of breast cancer

New home for Lily Longbody and friends at Beverly's house in Ohio

Hooked by Michael La Raus

Hooked by Michael La Raus

Hooked by Beverly Matthews with sheep felted by Karen

Peter Rabbit hooked by Beverly Matthews
along with hand felted rabbit

Home Sweet Home by Jennifer Bubie

A note from Jennifer: "Hello, I just wanted to say Thank You. I really enjoyed my rug hooking. You gave me the confidence to do the project. I loved the package. The box, to the simple direction, and the labeled bags. I'm hoping to do another rug this winter. Thank you again Karen."

Another hooking challenge for the sisters of Lucy Walsh.
A creative 'challenge' each year for them - they pick a title -
this one is "I'm Just Saying" and then hook all year
and then reveal at one time - what fun!

A note for Karen from Lucy: "You saw COME! SIT! STAY! while under construction. Fred's is on the corner of Amsterdam & 83rd, NYC. It's named after the owners dog and that's him on the left side. My son and daughter-in-law are entering the neighborhood restaurant that is dog friendly and has hundreds of pictures on the walls of patron's dogs. That wonderful mottled grey I got from you is the windows, sky and border. I think some of the brick color is from you too. Probably other pieces as well."

Curiosity Killed the Cat - An original rug designed
and hooked by Lucy Walsh. Search for clues that tell the story
of this unlucky cat...and the one that got away. Use your imagination!

An adaptation of an old rug from the 30s or 40s hooked by Jane Akins

Pear Runner hooked by Beverly Crans

Large Flower Basket hooked by Jill Hicks displayed
at Sauder Village 2012 - a wonderful variation of colors
and a wonderful label on the back

Small Bean Pot hooked by Tina Palombo - her first rug!

Striper Rug hooked by Lynn Douglas - her own design (they love fishing!)

Stair Riser #3 hooked by Linda Ellis who is hooked the same pattern
but different colors for each riser - looks great!

Love Birds hooked by Jane Pappe

Harmony hooked by Barb Reeder
for her granddaughters first birthday - what a lucky little girl!

Wintertime at Night hooked by Cindy Kadel,
a gift for friends living in Valtellina in the Italian Alps

Pirate 20"x25" design and hooked by Lucy Walsh

Wintertime At Night hooked by Bonnie from Nebraska -
Wonderful change in design Bonnie - I love it!

This commissioned rug started out as a simple pencil drawing on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of white paper that was drawn for her grandmother when Corinne was seven years old. Think of the possibilities when you are thinking about your next hooking project. A simple drawing, a photograph or just the scene looking out your front porch can become beautiful rugs - heirlooms forever.

Sam hooked by Nancy Schenk

Willow's House hooked and donated to an
American Cancer Society's Relay for Life team's fundraiser
by Judy Stevens - go Judy!!!

Tree of Life - Hooked by Joan Worthington

Hooked by Jane Akins

Pineapple with Birds - Hooked by Debbie Smith

Rebecca's Garden - Hooked by Debbie Smith

Welcome - Hooked by Debbie Smith

Large Flower Basket - Hooked by Debbie Smith

Tree of Life with Sheep - Hooked by Joan Worthington

Hooked and designed by Lynn Douglass

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